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Welcome to Wales - Croeso i Cymru

As an avid internet surfer and a Welshman, I found it increasingly frustrating to find information about Wales and things to do in Wales. As a result I have compiled this site, which is intended as a central resource, pulling together a variety of welsh web sites to make finding information in, and about Wales a lot easier.

The information is intended for the use of Welsh residents and visitors alike and hopes to make Wales more accessible to everyone. Please feel free to send your comments about the site, or what you would like to see included, to me at: or click on 'Your Comments' below

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The Welsh Flag


This site is intended as a central resource and by necessity is linked to other sites over which we have no editorial control. While every effort is made to vet the contents of these sites, they are constantly changing, and themselves have links to other sites. We cannot therefore, be held responsible for any offensive content viewed or heard, by connecting to these sites or any onward connections and the use of parental control is advised.